factory supply screw air compressor Ultra coolant synthetic oils 8000Hrs 38459582

synthetic air comrpessor oil
8000 hours

20liter plastic jerry can air compressor oil
air compressor oil
compressor coolant oil
compressor ultra coolant oil

SSR Ultra Coolant Synthetic Air Compressor Lubricating Oil 38459582

service life:8000Hrs

usage:lubricant cooling,can mix with original

pour point:< -45 °C / -49 °F

flash point :Typical 220 °C / 455 °F (COC)

Kinematic viscosity :Typical 46 mm2/s at 40 °C / 104 °F

warranty:3 months


To ensure the air compressor long-term service,we have to formulate a routine maintenance to replace consumable parts like air oil
separator element ,air filter ,oil filter and etc. Oil separator is to compress the oils from air to ensure supply clean and neat
air ,the oils will recycle used in air compressor.A good quality oil separator can save your energy and cost

Compressor Oils Luricant
1,synthetic oils,mineral ,semi-synthetic
2,service life,4000Hrs,6000Hrs,8000Hrs
3,High resistance against oxidation
4,Protection against corrosion
5,sealing and anti-wear properties

Oils part number for reference:38459582 38440236 68140490 24061624 2901052200 2901024501 2901003803 1630091800 1630204120 1630016100 2901170100 2908850700 2908850800 2908850801 250022-669 250022-662 02250051-153 250030-758 250030-757 144046-055....


Time and effort spent on improving your compressor's life will reduce the costs associated with downtime such as loss production and compressor rental. Longer service life means you will not have to buy replacement parts as often. All of this is why compressor maintenance kits should be considered a top priority. And if done correctly, you can practically eliminate the need to replace single expensive parts.

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save energy,save resources Filters/Spare parts/Lubricant

High quality with competitive price Fast response with best service Fast Derivery with guarantee Filters:series of air filter ,oil filter,oil separator ,filter element (line filter). Services kits: unloading valve kits, Minimum pressure valve kit,Stop oil valve kit, check valve kit,thermostat valve kit and etc, Valve assembly:air intake valve, thermostat assy, solenoid valve, minimum pressure valve,blow off valve, drain valve and etc. Rubber parts: hose ,oil tube, coupling, elbow, anti-vibration pad, housing, belt. Sensor: temperature sensor, pressure sensor, oil level sensor ,pressure switch,temp swtich. Other parts: gear wheel, controller, cooler ,,, oils: mineral oil, synthetic oi,semi- synthetic oil,gear oil, hydraulic fluid,Roto Inject Fluid,coolantand etc.







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