Air compressor maintenance

The harm of separator element overdue using

1,bad filtration and compressed air quality couldnt achieve using standard,it caused abnormal operation of the equipment or passing rate of products decreased.

2,pressure increased after clogging,caused the outlet pressure and machine energy consumption increased thus increased the product cost.


Air oil separator function:

To filter the Air Compressor lubricating metal particles and impurities,ensure the main engine lubricant is clean and protect the engine operation.



Oil filter element replacement standard

1,Replace after the actual service time reaches the design life time.The oil filter service life normally is 2000Hrs,after this period has to replace.If the air compressor in a bad condition environment,should be shorten the usage time.

2,if alarm within the design service life have to replace,the clogging alarm setting is 1.0~1.4 bar

The harm of oil filter element overdue using:

1,If oil filter blocked,the oil return volume not enough will cause high outlet temperature,reduce the service life of lubricant and oil separator

2,if oil returned volume not enough,airend shortage lubricant will reduce airend service life,meanwhile non-filtered oils contain metal particles entry to main engine and cause breakdown.


Air filter function:air filter element is one of the important protection of air compressor

1,air filter filtering the air dust particles,the inlet air more clean,the oil filter and oil separator service life are more ensured.

2,prevent  impurity entry to the main engine,the main engine parts are high precise,the matching should be between 30~150μ,in this case,if impurities entry will cause airend detriment even breakdown.

Air filter replacement standard

The standard is according to the air filter design service life and compressor air quality condition:

1,the actual service time reaches the design life time.Air filter element normally is 2000Hrs,should replace after this period,it can extend the service time if the air quality condition is good but please note that donot extend more than 1000Hrs.Oppositely,should be reduce the service life if the air condition is not good.

2,Should be replaced once the indicator alarmed,air filter clogging alarm setting is -0.05bar.

The harm of oil filter element overdue using:

1,The outlet follow is insufficient,effect production

2,High element pressure,increased machine loading,airend service life decreased

3,The actual compression ratio of the compressor increases, the load increases, and the airend service life is reduced;

4,when the element broke down,impurities entry main engine and cause breakdown.


Oil separator function:separate air and oil


Oil separator replacement standard

1,the actual service time reaches the design life time.air oil separator element service life normally is 4000~8000Hrs(depends on the type and material of air compressor)

2,Should be replaced once the indicator alarmed,oil separator clogging alarm setting is 0.8~1.0bar.

The harm of oil separator element overdue using:

1,bad filtration efficiency,caused large fuel consumption and compressed air oil content,affect the after-processing purifier equipment and gas equipment operation

2,oil separator block,pressure increased,outlet pressure increased and energy consumption increased

3,glass fiber material drops into oils,oil filter service life decreased and main engine  abnormal wear.

Air compressor lubricant (mineral,semi-synthetic,synthetic oils)

Products features:

1,excellent antioxidant, thermal stable properties.

2,high temperature lubricating,reduce air compressor wear and tear.

3,good heat dispersing capability,Effectively reduce high temperature during air compressor operation.

4,rust preventing characteristics (rust resistance)and sealing ability

5,excellent emulsifying 

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